Birth of the LatteLadies

There have been two major ‘evangelical’ moments in my life when I was over-taken by an irresistible urge to speak out! The first is a long story about suing for Civil Rights, but this is the story of the second of such experiences that led to ‘the birth of the Latte Ladies’. Continue reading

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Ode to Art

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My mother bid Art into my life as she prayed over her ‘babe in womb’—“if the child is a girl let her sing”—then sang excerpts of her favorite arias for my lullabies that wove a musical cloth into my bunting. … Continue reading

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My father played bass for a short time with the Spade Cooley Band. He learned to play Western Swing as a youth growing up in Texas and New Mexico. My father taught me how to play guitar when I was a senior in HS because a ‘Hootenanny’ was scheduled and I wanted to participate. I guess I thought it was going to be EASY! Ha! Continue reading

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Remembering 1965-69

These posts are going to be pretty random so no guarantee that I have the time line absolutely accurate or the stories in order, but all that I recollect I will share and invite other’s who knew me then to fill in the bits. I recollect a number of funny, weird and exciting experiences during the time period BEFORE I signed the recording contract with Polydor. Continue reading

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My ‘Vintage Recordings’ have a fan base?

One day an Aunt called to say a copy of MARY CATHERINE LUNSFORD was for sale on Ebay. Of course I couldn’t resist checking out the listing and sure enough, there it was out for bid!

Once I even checked out a rare recordings web site and found a copy had sold for over $30.00 in Europe! You can bet your last nickle finding that information was a real ego boost for a low day! Continue reading

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The Defining Moment

I am often asked, “When did you start singing?” The answer depends on what you might believe to be most accurate. My mother tells me that when she was pregnant with me she prayed the baby would sing. After my birth, my mother sang arias from her favorite opera’s for my lullaby’s and my father sang country tunes to me after he returned home from serving in the US Navy during WWII. Continue reading

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Getting to Know You Know Me

I invite you to join me while I muse about my performance years. I’ll tell you a little about the background history and writing of some of my songs; behind the scenes of recording MARY CATHERINE LUNSFORD, YOU MEN AT THE BAR and COWGIRL IN THE WIND and then some backstage stories of the SYMPHONY years. Continue reading

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