The Book of Wellington Part 4



Story by Gary Bracelin

I have had the distinct honor of being one of Randy Bowles’ buddies over the years… This guy can be described as a true American Classic. From the first time I met him until today, he is always a joy to be around….

The very first time I met the birthday boy was at a summer yard party at his home. Jim Hughes invites Jan and me along to the fun. As Randy walks up to greet us and shake our hands, Hughes slaps on a handcuff to Randy’s wrist that just happened to be cuffed to a piece of lawn furniture. Guess who got to spend the rest of the afternoon in front of all his guests cuffed to his lawn chair. Very funny….

On one weekend trip to a mountain cabin we are playing a word game with out the help of a Dictionary….. After a hot dispute over the meaning of a word, Randy has us pull over at the first farm house we come to where by he marches up to the door, gets the people to give him the dictionary and away we went. Oh, the rest of the story was it was eleven o’clock at night and he got the people out of bed……Only Bowles…….

If you have never gone to a football game with him you owe it to yourself to try it once… His idea of a tail gate party is to stop by any group of people when he is hungry or thirsty and just ask if they happen to have any extra beer or food… He does offer to pay them for their kindness but 90% of the time it’s free… This takes a little bit of getting use to but after a few times you get the hang of it and away you go….

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The Book of Wellington Part 3



Story by John Harris

First Impression–What an Asshole!

I attended Willamette University. Before my freshman year began, I pledged Phi Delta Theta fraternity. I lived only 60 miles from the University, so my mom and dad drove me down on the day I was supposed to check into the fraternity house prior to starting school. I was told where my room would be. It was a small room for two people–a bed, closet, dresser and desk on each side of the room. My dear mother took the time to make up a bed, put my clothes away and straighten up my desk. We then went out to dinner. I returned much later that evening, after saying goodbye to the parents. I quietly opened the door to my room to find my bedding, clothes and other items thrown to the other side of the room, and some stranger, sleeping like a baby, in the bed that my mother had so painstakingly made up hours before. Still naive, and not wanting to cause a ruckus in my new home, I made up the other bed and went to sleep. The next morning, finding the stranger to be a little bigger than me, I decided it prudent to approach the subject gently. After introducing myself, I casually mentioned that I had arrived early and made up the bed that he ended up sleeping in. Randy’s response was very straight forward; he said he “preferred that side of the room”. I’ve always appreciated brevity, honesty and a direct approach to things, so I said OK and let it go. I begrudgingly started to like him (how can you help it!!) until——-

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Book of Wellington Part 2

Milord’s Family Lore 


Milord Randyland Story Volume One: The Car By Prince Andrew 

Growing up my dad drove a BIG BLACK shinny car with RED PIN STRIPES down each side. I’m not talkin’ big by today’s PC, GAS Constrained, Spotted Owl huggin’ standards. The series of Oldsmobile sleds that graced our driveway and pulled up at various sporting events, Cub Scout gatherings, and Parent Teacher Conferences were behemoths. It was clear from my earliest recollection of school that Dad’s car wasn’t normal. According to Dad it had all the “Bells & Whistles.” But it was the very package, the presentation if you will, that drew one to conclude that this must be a PIMP WAGON.

Pimpmobile Dad wasn’t a ‘car guy.’ We didn’t have much more than a few screw drivers and a hammer in the garage at home, but he clearly liked luxury. As a kid I once asked my Dad how he selected his Oldsmobile. And boy was I surprised when he came back with the fact that every three years he received a glossy catalogue and sat at his desk to choose the latest in a long line of black & red love machines. Saab

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The Book of Wellington Part 1

 Milord Randolph Wellington Bowles


A series of excerpts from the entire book, which is made possible through the compilation of stories submitted by the many friends and family of Milord.


The Book of Wellington

by Milady MCatherine

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Oregon Symphony Pops

Year: 1987 Show: Irving Berlin Centennial Celebration Maestro: Norman Leyden

Venue: Schnitzer Hall Artist: MCatherine Lunsford

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The Whole

Mary McCaslin told me about The Whole in Glendale and picked me up one evening to attend one of her performances. Continue reading

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Birth of the LatteLadies

There have been two major ‘evangelical’ moments in my life when I was over-taken by an irresistible urge to speak out! The first is a long story about suing for Civil Rights, but this is the story of the second of such experiences that led to ‘the birth of the Latte Ladies’. Continue reading

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