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Soundcloud Elektra Studio with Fritz Richmond engineering and Reed College

Soundcloud tracks

Soundcloud Live Radio Interview



1 Response to Links To MCL

  1. Robert Byard says:

    Dear Mary Catherine Lunsford,

    Hello! I received your CD along with your request to hear how I learned about your music, and here’s my story..
    I grew up in southern California and my older sister had quite a few friends who were musicians. Around the time I graduated from high school in 1971 my sister was dating a fellow named Robert Aguayo. I don’t know if you knew of him but he was quite involved in the music scene at the time and he used to bring in tons of new and used albums. So, Robert gave your album to my sister, which soon ended up in my hands, and I loved it immediately. Robert, who was also teaching guitar at a local music store, showed me how to play the basic lead on Toad Tale and I couldn’t have been happier. Eventually, I moved away for college and had to return the album to my sister so “my” MCL album gradually faded from memory. That is, until a couple weeks ago when I found the CD on Amazon! So that’s my story.

    Be Well and Thank You so much for your wonderful music.

    Bob Byard
    Talent, Oregon

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