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Happy Listening! Parcels, Candy and Peaches

4 Responses to Contact Mary Catherine Lunsford

  1. Hello Mary – I recieved your CD today. After 40+ years the source tapes do show some ageing. The CD is quite listenable and I will cherish it always. A year ago I purchased sealed copy of the album on eBay – WHAT A FIND!!!! – I used a good turntable and preamp and made a CD of the phonograph album. Nothing added – No E.Q. – No Normalizing – Just a few manual pop & tick repairs. It does sound like vinyl but thats fine with me!! BTW on your CD the play order on the cover is correct, but on listening My Captian plays 3rd and Band I plays 4th. I would be happy to send you a copy of the disc I made. Please feel free to email me dirrect.

    • My Dear David!
      I sent you an email this morning exclaiming about how much I appreciate you making and sending me a copy of the disc you made! I’m listening to it as I type this message to you.
      Hugs Galore!

  2. Daniel Gundlach says:

    I found a copy of your LP in the basement of my NYC apartment building a number of years ago. People often leave books down in the laundry area, but records much less seldom. Something about it caught my attention so I brought it, along with more than a few others up to my apartment. I never got around to listening to it until today when I was dubbing some records onto CD to give as gifts. Quite a few of those other recordings of singers and/or songwriters were less than memorable, but yours grabbed me from the first moment. Beautiful songs and a fantastic voice that has a little Joni Mitchell to it but still retains its own distinctive quality. I love the little flutter in your sound. Another singer I discovered in recent years who fell into obscurity in this country is Chi Coltrane, who was lucky enough to have one of her songs recorded by Dusty Springfield. I am so grateful for today’s discovery and was glad to see that others have also encountered you and your music. I wish you continued good health and a happy and peaceful New Year.
    Sincerely, Daniel

    • Hello Daniel,

      I apologize for being tardy with a response. I check the marycatherinelunsford email rather seldom. Receiving your note offers me good reason to check more often.

      Your note is a lovely surprise. I’m delighted to hear you found my music worthwhile. I hope you added a few of the tunes to share on the compilation CDs you made as gifts and that those recipients enjoyed the selections.

      I will have to look for Chi Coltrane’s work. Thank you for introducing her to me.

      May 2013 prove to be a year filled with very good health, peace and happiness for you too. You have certainly brightened my day!

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