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On the quest to reinventing, Morphing into Author is my newest adventure.

Little Everyday Heroes Everywhere Christmas Ornament Series

  It won’t be difficult to fill my Christmas tree with Little Everyday Heroes Everywhere ornaments this year!

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Bee’s Angel

Photo RugliG Getty Images stock photo I always knew Bees were important pollinators and significant to the planet, but I never realized Bees are also an important, albeit forgotten, death tradition. Honeybees are in trouble….SAVE THE BEES!

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Little Everyday Heroes Everywhere

I figure I’ll need to create patterns for an EMT, Fireman, Policeman, Grocery, USPS, UPS, FEDEx workers, hospital support staff….I can visualize an entire Christmas tree covered in Heroes this year! Can’t you? Continue reading

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Easter is NOT Cancelled

Light a candle and spread the light. Easter Blessings to All.

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What’s an Artist to Do?

Reinventing onesself is an ongoing journey. We all are faced with the project. It happens when we lose someone we love; a body part; make a career change; when finances change….turns out ‘reinventing’ is a LIFE requirement if one is … Continue reading

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2019 Reflection

Some days drag on, while other days are exhausting, yet….still other days seem fine. C’est la Vie.

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On Your Way, Soldier

soldier on

Soldier On: “To continue doing something with determination or resolve, despite difficulties or an unlikely┬áchance of succeeding.” (dictionary. Continue reading

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