Original Hot Pats

What is your most vivid Easter memory? Mine is not what you may think!

Painting by Leonid Afremov

I have the color of skin admired in the 1890’s but since tanning is now the more preferred, my skin color has fallen out-of-favor. 


As a Junior in H.S. I spent one Spring break at Lake Arrowhead with a girlfriend’s family. My friend grew impatient with me because I was forever having to sit in the shade and I did not relish ‘sunbathing’….not with my skin! Having spent the better part of the week being criticized for not being ‘much fun to be around’, I decided I would sunbathe to make my point, and I lay out in the sun for the better part of an entire day. 

What was I thinking???? I was so burnt and blistered I could barely move the next day and spent the remainder of my Spring break in the shower with white vinegar and sponges.

I developed sun poisoning and my lower legs were so swollen, one could ‘feel’ the liquid swooshing with each step I took. “Never again!” I swore, until….

Easter 1970

I was scheduled to sing at Forest Lawn for Easter Sunrise Services, and decided I could use a little ‘color’. I had just joined the Beverly Hills Health Club where ‘nude sunbathing’ was allowed. I remember disrobing and laying down on the chaise, front side down as I was too shy to ‘turn over’, and remained in this position for about an hour.

What was I thinking???? !!! By the time I returned to my apartment, my buttocks were tingling, and by the time I crawled into bed that night, my buttocks were scalding hot; and by the time I was driving to Forest Lawn, my buttocks atop an ice pack were melting the ice rapidly; and by the time I reached the area where I was scheduled to sing….I sat on gravestones because they are C-O-L-D, offering some relief while I tuned the guitar because I could feel the heat emanating from my bottom from as far away as 6″!  I had the ‘original hot pants. “Never again!”, I swore.

Apparently, the desire to have Coppertone colored skin is somewhat of a ‘moth to flame’ issue for me because…


My boyfriend invited me to attend the Olympic Track and Field trials in Eugene, OR. “It’ll be fun!” he insisted. Every day for a week we drove to Eugene and sat in the bleachers and watched the hopeful Olympic athletes challenge themselves and try to qualify for the team. The weather was reasonably mild, but on the final day of the competition, and me with NO hat nor was there sunBLOCK available (What was I thinking?????!!!!!), only zinc oxide, which is NOT a good look when dating or any other time for that matter!

Yes, you are correct! Once again I suffered sun poisoning and heat stroke, but let me assure you, there will NEVER be another time as long as I live, I swear!!

Happy Easter!







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