Cipollini Challenge

After having spent 40 minutes peeling 3 out of 3lbs. of these beauties, I decided it was time to consult Google!

The JC Supper Club is tonight, and my dish is Honey-glazed Cipollini onions from a recipe by Thomas Keller. Since I do not have a copy of his Ad Hoc at Home cookbook, the hostess was kind enough to find the recipe cooked by Caroline for me, and posted it on her PickledPlum blog.

Challenge 1

Now, Caroline mentions that she found the onions already peeled…Me, well, I was lucky to FIND the Cipollini at all, let alone already peeled. Zupans to the rescue!

Challenge 2

Thomas Keller claimed 1.25 lbs will make 6 servings….we have 10 people dining, so I decided 3 lbs. would be a good serving with a wee bit left over. At $6.50/lb. …well, you do the math.

Challenge 3

Caroline mentions one should keep the Cipollini size ‘uniform’….HAH! I say at $6.50/lb. any and all sizes will do.

Challenge 4

On the morning of the feast, I spent 40 minutes peeling 3 of these beauties….the dinner is scheduled for 5PM. Forty minutes for 3 and there’s 3 lbs Uncooked!

…..this isn’t going to work out, so I headed to the computer for a Google consult and found this video.

Challenge 5

Prepping challenges

You’d think all would be a ‘piece of cake’ after watching that video, but nada.

I stuck all but the 3 already peeled Cipollini into water boiling water, then drained as directed. I pulled the first onion out of the strainer and tried peeling, but hmmmm, I had to go to the knife, and that meant a deeper cut than desired which resulted in loss of onion meat…did I mention $6.50/lb.?

So, I cut off the root end of the onion and that worked reasonably well for several, but then I decided to try cutting off the stem end. Voila! That was the secret, for the most part anyway.


Another gastronomical delight-full Julia Child Supper Club Feast!



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