The Book of Wellington Part 6





Fred and Randy first met when Fred’s company, Oregon Food Service, was a distributor for Proctor & Gamble, Randy’s company. Randy and Fred became road buddies, terrorizing the Bend area. Golf also was a major part of their life, and while playing East Moreland one fine day they were teamed up with a guy from Flavor Pack. Randy schmoozed him with flair, and moved to Flav- R-Pac, his new career for life!

Randy liked his toys. One Saturday he showed up at Fred’s house on a very, very old motorcycle (probably almost his age now). Somehow Fred was coerced into taking a little ride—the gears jammed and Freddy went flying head over heels and ended up under an approaching car. Luckily it saw him flying and stopped with Fred just underneath the bumper of the car. Randy, with little remorse, took his toy and went home!

One day Randy told Fred about a gal he had met who was singing at the Pickle Barrel Tavern over by the Lloyd Center. He raved about her and Fred went with him to hear this wonder of wonders! Although Randy called her “Songbird,” Fred found out her name was really Cathy Lunsford.

Shortly after that both boys got really romantic. Fred married Judy and introduced her to Randy and the Songbird. A little while later, Randy finally swept Cathy off her feet and they got married.


As good friends often do, Judy stood up for Cathy

It was at the reception that the Pfau’s found out the Bowles’ had some really strangely-dressed friends:


Well, life rolled on, and on, and on, and on, and some of us survived the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s. Christmas cards came and went, children were raised, people moved, but friendship remained.

Cathy and Judy still ran Randy’s and Fred’s lives in 2001. We caught up again in Eagle Crest with some great drinks, food and golf. Everyone looked just the same!!! What a miracle!!!.




A “Ducks” story by Jack Ramsey Story 1

Randy and I both worked for Procter & Gamble and when I was in Portland I always stayed at the Benson hotel. One night after work Randy and I were in my room and I called my wife to check in while Randy used the bathroom. All of a sudden I heard noise of running water over the phone. My wife kept saying, “what’s that noise?” I kept saying, ” I don’t know isn’t it on your end?” Well you guessed it, the Benson had phones in the bathrooms and Randy was peeing holding the phone down by the toilet. He came out of the bathroom just cracking up. I never told my wife the true story.

Story 2

We had liquid oil called Prep that was to be used for pan and griddle frying. It was supposed to replace butter or margarine. Randy had an account that he convinced that he should deep fry his chicken and French fries in Prep because it would make them golden brown and impart a buttery flavor. Now keep in mind that P & G had the number 1 selling liquid frying oil, a brand called Frymax which would withstand the intense heat and constant use of deep frying. Of course P & G had the best minds in the food industry testing these products and they said Prep should not be used for deep frying. But Randy knew better, and he had his own little test market. He was so excited until after a few days in the deep fryer the Prep started smoking, gumming and turning black. Randy’s test market concluded at that point!

Love Ya Ducks, The Ram Jet


Ron Martell

1. Calling his Mother-in-Law late at night while on a business trip because he thought something was wrong at home due to repeatedly getting a “disconnect” recording. Randy was calling the wrong number.

2. Randy washes his workout clothes at the office locker room by showering while wearing them.

3. Making Cathy time him with a stop watch practicing getting the shotgun from under the bed in the dark in case a burglar breaks in.( Randy who can’t see his hand in front of his face without his glasses on.)

4. The load of bark dust he ordered dumped in the driveway because he didn’t want to pay the extra to have it blown all the way to the back yard. The pile remained there for……months. Or the other bark dust story…when he had it delivered while Cathy’s car was in the garage and couldn’t get out until the pile was gone…..weeks later.

5. Trying to get the squirrel out of the attic, but instead, sealing it in.

6. Trying to get into the wrong hotel room and arguing with the irate occupant. Security was called and brought him to the room he was supposed to be in.


Dave Stafford

My first question is…”Why Are We All Assembled To Honor One Man?” Is it because he’s a great politician? NO…Is he a terrific sport star?…NO….Is he a great lover…DEFINITLY NO! Soooooo, who is HE?

He’s a man who has a great capability to ‘laugh’ at himself, making others laugh hysterically. He’s one that dresses up like an Alaskan musher to perhaps scare a Raccoon hiding in his home.

He carries a bowl and a spoon in Sun River, searching for cereal that he forgot to buy for the family vacation. He sits in his backyard with a shotgun and scotch waiting for the mole that is destroying his yard. He goes to the NRA in Chicago, gets drunk on the plane but has enough dignity to ‘tip’ the doorman, lying in the gutter of the curb. He is notorious for losing keys and melting his Hide-A-Key container because it’s too close to the muffler. He’s been known to set friends carpeting on fire during a bathroom fiasco, then never being invited back. He’s perfectly comfortable remembering every shot during his OWN golf round, while being unable to remember just ONE shot his opponent might have made.


This MAN…now revealed…Randy Bowles has more CHARACTER in his ‘pinkie’ than 95% of any human being I’ve ever met. He exudes strength, is a protector of his family, highly ethical, honest (to a fault), great father and even a better husband, expresses love for family & friends, bends over backwards in his generosity to others, is a loyal friend..(paramount among males), and is incredibly COMPASSIONATE. Which leads me to a personal experience I’d like to share….

Anyone that knows ‘Uncle Davey’ knows that the past 3 years could be referred to a ‘Bad Vegas Roll’. Last summer while golfing at OLCC…I went into a deep depression, becoming close to comatose during the round. Being abnormally ‘quiet’ for 17 holes and Randy sensing my distraction and discomfort we came to the 18th hole. After hitting our drives, we drove to my ball. Randy gets out of the cart…picks up 4 crow feathers, turns to me in the cart and says….”Hey Dave, you think you’re having a bad day?…this guy was on the wrong side of the meal !!” The comment turned my mental state in a moment and I ended up laughing hysterically. Randy…YOU ARE THE BEST AND MY FRIEND FOR LIFE. Much Love on Your 60th- Dave Stafford

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