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My father played bass for a short time with the Spade Cooley Band. He learned to play Western Swing as a youth growing up in Texas and New Mexico. My father taught me how to play guitar when I was a senior in HS because a ‘Hootenanny’ was scheduled and I wanted to participate. I guess I thought it was going to be EASY! Ha! Continue reading

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Remembering 1965-69

In 1966, I began signing up at Folk Coffeehouses every week for the privilege of performing for 15 minutes about enough time for 3 tunes. Folk Coffeehouses provided all of my peer the opportunity to develop our musical styles, composition and personae. I met so many other fellow musicians during this time and we all supported, critiqued and encouraged one another. Years later Jackson Browne and I would agree that the time between 1965-1975 was one of the most prolific and magical for folk musicians. Continue reading

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